Project Chameleo + Skinwalker Ranch – Hunt The Skinwalker

In a recent Paracast interview, Jacques Vallee recommended a book by Robert Guffey entitled Chameleo. Vallee was struck by the similarity of its basic subject matter with a mysterious telephone conversation he had had concerning secret military camouflage R&D. This article concerns some camouflage-related, exceedingly strange goings-on at the famous “Skinwalker Ranch” in Utah. It elaborates on the connections between observations at the Ranch and supposed events in the Chameleo book, and paints a picture that is at times shocking and at times conspiratorial. The same could be said of the mess that John Keel got into with media personality Jaye Paro and her alien/android (?) friends decades ago, as detailed in Special Cases–The Long Island File (53): The Questionnaire, Continued. John recorded answers to a series of questions he had asked the alien leader through Jaye’s intermediacy. Keel website manager Doug Skinner finds Keel’s questions more interesting than Apol’s sparse answers, but some of those are thought-provoking, too. (WM)

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