PREHISTORIC MARS: Alien frenzy rumbles on over ‘fossils’ found on Red Planet

NASA scientists sparked furious a frenzy after the US space agency tweeted about finding stick like figures.

They were snapped by the NASA Curiosity rover which is a droid currently exploring the surface of the planet and beaming back high-definition images.

The NASA Curiosity rover Twitter account said: “Meanwhile, back on Mars… I’m checking out these stick-like figures. 

“Each is about a quarter-inch long. Maybe they’re crystals? Or they could be minerals that filled spaces where crystals dissolved away. Stay tuned! Science continues.”

However, many commentators are convinced there is more to it.

Scott C Waring, who runs website, believes intelligent aliens exist across the solar system and have even visited earth.

He wrote on his website: “This week NASA rover announced that they discovered ‘stick figures’, on Mars. 

“However on closer inspection I find that these are not such childlike figures, but are actually fossilised worms. 

“These have serious paleontological significance that would change how humanity sees the universe forever, and yet, NASA calls them stick figures.”

As a conspiracy theorist – and

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