One Man’s $100,000 Search for UFOs – News Australia

On the eve of his speaking tour of Australia, filmmaker James Fox is “publicly announcing” his $100,000 reward for truly believable evidence of extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Fox had initially mentioned the award “among UFO circles during a conference in 2013” but so far nothing probative has come in. Naturally, the current offer is a great opening for Fox to talk about other initiatives, and for reporter Joe Hildebrand to mention the fiery conclusion to the remarkable career of the Cassini spacecraft in the clouds of Saturn today. Chris O’Brien makes note of a macabre end that marked a beginning in Snippy the Horse: The Birth of a Meme. The animal mutilation expert discusses the background to the now 50-year-old story of “the most well-known unexplained livestock death ever reported.” O’Brien shows how the “Snippy Case” helped formulate a significant cultural element regarded, along with crop circles–and for better or worse–as somehow ancillary to the study of UFOs. (WM)

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