On The Alien Question: Where Are They? – New Hampshire Public Radio

Setting the stage for our extraterrestrial meditation, Marcelo Gleiser has a pessimistic outlook when it comes to you-know-who, but a firm grasp on “Where is everyone?” Since little green men won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the little green men illustrated by Paul Seaburn rocking out to those Scientists Transmitting Songs To A Planet With Potential Alien Life. What makes it different is how ‘Sónar Calling GJ273b’ is broadcasting their tunes. Just ’round the corner, by astronomical reckoning, Alison Klesman heard some Russians are hoping to answer, “Is Life Locked In Ice On Mars?” The soul of their hypothesis is “As above, so below”, drawing upon what puny humans comprehend about our own extremophiles. Yet with all of Elon Musk’s bloviations for colonization, what’s the target for this here Secret Planet X Probe To Be Launched By SpaceX? Tim Binnall finds himself caught up in the conspiracy theory hype and has more than a little fun. (CS)

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