Nuland to Congress: US Spends $100 Million a Year Trying to Destabilize Russia

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Did you know the US State Dept. spends $100 million to “counter Russian propaganda” by training journalists around Europe to spout US propaganda? (No wait, Nuland calls it “clean, honest Russian programming”.)

Via Russia Insider:

Nuland claims the US is spending $100 million a year producing Russian-language propaganda in the Baltic states and Ukraine, as well as Russia. They also operate secret training programs for Russian journalists. She also said they provide funding to organizations and programs inside Russia but wouldn’t give details.

Actually, they have access to far more than that, with the total budget of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which runs all official US propaganda directed abroad, being over $700 million. (US government agencies and departments routinely underestimate the amount they spend on programs, in an effort to win more funding.) Meanwhile, Nuland told a bald faced lie that the budget of Russia’s RT was $400 million. It is closer to $300 million. But it would be difficult to count all of Vicky’s and her companion witness’ lies in just this 2 hour time span.

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