Nimrods Fortress ~ A Pre-Diluvian Relic?

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Narration By Don Moffit:

The Nimrod Fortress or Nimrod Castle, which translates as “Castle of the Large Cliff,” is an astonishing ancient fortress, located within the hills of occupied Israeli territory.
And although this awe-inspiring site, has predictably been dated to the medieval era, we feel, that due to the many anomalous megalithic blocks within its construction, it is far older than this, and undoubtedly, a remnant left by a highly advanced civilisation. Now, unfortunately lost to history, this, due to academia’s funded, and often deliberate ignorance.
Many of the oldest blocks present within the structure for example, are all upwards of ten tons, with some of the heaviest recognised as being over 40 tons in weight!
How modern curators and academics alike, can attest to these ruins having been created, by our tremendously less capable medieval ancestors, we feel, is preposterous.
According to those in the so called “know,” the fortress was created from scratch during the “Ayyubid dynasty,” placed within the 12th and 13th centuries.
The dynasty undoubtedly existed, this we do not deny, we also, do not disagree with the posit, that the dynasty ruled large parts of the Middle East during these centuries.
However, we suspect, that, just like the many other unexplainable, ancient, advanced ruins found throughout the world, these more recent ruling ancestors, and indeed the large array of ancient artefacts which they left, creating an archaeological legacy, has been used to conveniently date and explain this miraculous structure away, avoiding the controversial truth which is clear for all to see.
The fortress is situated on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon, upon a ridge that rises over 2600 feet above sea level, overlooking the Golan Heights, we feel, that due to its strategical location, much of the structure was re-built upon.
This task completed with the purpose of guarding a major access route.
We believe, that upon the leader of this dynasty Al-Aziz Uthman, discovering the enormous, impenetrable polygonal masonry, still in existence, already in-situ within the walls of the site, that were left by a people who at some point within antiquity, mysteriously vanished. This leader made the logical decision to build upon the impressive remnants, with these walls being reused, utilised for a more modern fortress, this second phase, predictably made with far smaller blocks, and thus, can be easily explained as medieval architecture,
A fortress could have indeed been its original purpose, this due to its strategically placed location, indeed, other ancient, advanced, seemingly impenetrable fortresses, can be found in other places within the world such as Sacsayhuaman, although its true grandeur, or its initial advanced builder’s intentions for the structure, may take tremendous, meticulous alternative research to eventually unravel.
Furthermore, intriguingly, the enigmatic, yet highly recognisable shape of this initial stonework, is also present at another site, possibly a number of other sites, although in particular within Jerash, a site currently claimed as Roman.
Who built the fortress of Nimrod?
How can academia claim that this site was built by the Ayyubid dynasty, while another ruin, unquestionably constructed with the same form of megalithic blocks, seemingly dating for the same era, be that of the Romans?
We feel that these two sites, each containing the same building features, yet claimed as completely different civilisations work, both placed within our more recent history, yet in vastly different centuries,,, is clear evidence of academic fallacy, evidence of their explanative contradictions, when it comes to the many currently controversial ancient ruins of earth.
Nimrod fortress, is yet another jewel in the crown of a civilisation, currently lost to history.
It is undoubtedly highly compelling.

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