NIBIRU DOOM? Planet X IS COMING… but not when you think – shock claim

Online end of the world prophets have been predicting for months the mythical planetary system will pass us this year, or early next year.

The Niribu theory was linked to the beginning of the end of the world by Christian fundamentalists, who believed the rapture would start on September 23 and was connected to celestial activity as interpreted from passages in the Bible. 

But with the world still turning, veteran conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs claimed anyone saying Nibiru was coming in the next year or so was wrong.

Speaking in an episode of Ancient Aliens New World Order, before he died of a heart attack, aged 73, in August, Mr Marrs said Nibiru was not predicted to pass us until 2060, giving us more than 40 years to prepare.

He said: “Nibiru is destined to return to the vicinity of the Earth in 2060, so it could be on its way to our solar system now.

“some people believe this is why we have the highly erratic weather and environmental changes that we see taking

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