NIBIRU DOOM CLAIMS: Former Government insider on the ‘Planet X apocalypse’

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Planet X? Nick Pope says Nibiru believers are now back pedalling on their claims.

Online end of the work predictions continue despite the previous predicted date for the arrival of Nibiru – September 23 – coming and going.

Nick Pope is a former investigator for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), who looked into claims about UFOs and conspiracy theories.

He said: “As the world didn’t end on September 23, the doom merchants are back-peddling furiously and coming up with a series of ‘clarifications’ and ‘recalculations’. 

“Now, apparently, the apocalypse has been postponed – perhaps due to lack of interest! 

“The new date for Armageddon is 21 October. Or maybe not. Because this may simply be the start of seven years of calamity, which is all part of the ‘end of days’. 

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“As before, the predictions seem to based on a highly dubious mixture of astrology,

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