NIBIRU ‘CAN’T BE STOPPED’: Global apocalypse ‘still coming’ despite Planet X no show

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The Nibiru or Planet X system was supposed to pass Earth yeseterday, triggering earthquakes and volcanoes after switching the poles because of its vast gravitational force, if an array of apocalyptical prophets are to be believed.

However, the latest predicted Nibiru doomsday event came and went without incident.

Previous doom deadlines in October and September also passed with no sign of the alleged star system entering our solar system.

Surely, this will kill off the myth once and for all and the doom mongers will retreat eating humble pie?


NIBIRU YES: Matt Rogers

Unfortunately not.

Those at the forefront of pedalling the myth continued today.

UK-based conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers posted a video late yesterday that has already been viewed nearly 2,000 times.

In a video on his YouTube channel Sky Watcher Matt Rogers he produced a series of images of sunsets, in which he continued to claim the “Nibiru system’s presence in our solar system was evident by a pink haze”.

He also said corrupt governments were spraying chemicals from planes to cloud the sky and

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