New Shock Report Shows Muslims Building a “Nation Within a Nation,” Bringing Sharia Law to Britain


A shocking new report What British Muslims Really Think to be released this week regarding the integration of the 1.5 million Muslim immigrants in Britain has found there is a “nation within a nation” being built in Britain made up of people the Express UK describes as “Muslims who have no intention of living by UK social standards”.

Ahead of the full release, which is set to shock the nation, former chairman of Equality and Human Rights Commission Trevor Phillips described the findings as “astonishing”.

He said: “On certain key issues Britain is nurturing communities with a complete set of alternative values.”

“None is more alarming than attitudes towards women.”

On of the women he contacted was a respected Asian headteacher named Toshiba Hussain, who told him it was the behaviour of the young boys which was the most concerning. She said: “The boys used to act as thought police.”

“You know, they would go around and actually hit girls on their heads of their heads weren’t covered. I even had one boy, on nine-year-old boy say to me ‘Why haven’t you covered your head? It is only slags who don’t cover their head’.” According to Mrs Hussain the behaviour had to have been picked up from men in their families.

The bottom line?

“…the unacknowledged creation of a nation within a nation, with its own geography, its own values, and its own very separate future.”

In short, there is no “integration” into “one global community” happening in these areas of mass immigration from the Middle East. These people are not “assimilating” in their new environments. They are coming into an area and expecting that area to bow to and adopt their beliefs, beliefs including Sharia Law.

Everywhere this immigration happens, this will be the result. Everyone knows it, but anyone who attempts to even bring this up in a rational way is automatically labeled an Islamophobe just for pointing out the obvious.

The headline says Britain, but this situation is coming soon to a city near you.

As this mass immigration push continues, this problem will continue to grow. There is no getting around it. The fact that the governments and mainstream press keep pushing the idea we’re all going to hold hands and sing Kumbaya while simultaneously ignoring reality practically ensures more violence will strike communities across the globe.

It’s obvious this is what the elite who are pushing this national sovereignty killing mass migration agenda want. Keep us fighting among ourselves, always cranking up the divide and conquer, while the majority of everyone regardless of race or religion are returned to the level of serfs under a technocratic system of neo-feudalism.

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