New Giza Pyramids 4K Documentary 2019 Anomalies and Artefacts That Show Advanced Technology

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With its incredible precision, architects today would have a hard time replicating the Giza Pyramids. Part of the fascination is the curiosity that still remains over who built and what their true purpose is. After examining tool marks some researchers are now suggesting advanced ancient technology was used to move these huge stone blocks, some even going as far as to suggest that, while absent from the archaeological record, highly refined tools, techniques, and even mega-machines must have been used in ancient Egypt. They are also finding evidence that the Pyramids are much older than previously thought. So the question we should ponder is, did an unknown highly advanced civilisation exist in Ancient Egypt, one whose existence has been lost to the sands of time? One thing is for sure, the Pyramids of Giza were NOT built to be tombs!

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