NASA major announcement: Has Nibiru been discovered?

Conspiracy theorists were sent into overdrive when NASA announced a press conference for Thursday December 14 in which they are set to discuss discoveries made by the Keplar planet hunting telescope.

Nibiru – otherwise known as Planet X – believers, have declared the space agency will finally reveal the existence of the mystical celestial body, despite NASA repeatedly insisting the planet does not exist.

One Nibiru believer, with username ‘syct23’ wrote on the conspiracy theory forum Sherdog: “They finally found Nibiru”.

Another, who goes by the name of Spot, wrote on the forum Ready To Go: “Might have found Planet X”.


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“They finally found Nibiru”

The Nibiru conspiracy theory claims the alleged planetary object is supposedly heading towards our solar system and will cause the apocalypse on Earth which will wipe out most of the population.

The claim was started by Christian numerologist David

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