NASA Live Stream Captures UFO And Cuts Off Stream

Date of UFO sighting: July 9, 2016
Location: ISS
Source: NASA

Recently NASA has captured what appears to be a UFO descending near earths atmosphere on July 9, 2016. While some of the skeptics out there dismiss this object as a possible satellite, space junk, or possible meteor then why did NASA suddenly shut down its live feed while this object looked like it stopped.

While this has gone viral fast and even gotten the medias attention. NASA had no choice but to come out and state this:

According to a NASA spokesman Daniel Huot told the technology magazine CNET that the station “regularly passes out of range,” which causes to video signal to disappear.

He also stated that the video was part of the agency’s High Definition Earth Viewing experiment. The project includes many different cameras. They are on “automatic controls to cycle through the various cameras,” he said.

NASA is known for UFO cover ups and even hide alien life from the public. We will never know unless some kind of NASA Edward Snowden type of whistleblower comes out forward and admit the truth. As for right now what do you guys think this sighting might be?

What do you think this sighting could be?

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