Mystery in the Far North: The Strange Case of the Missing Tourist – Mysterious Universe

We don’t typically expect the North West Territories in Canada to be a place where foul play and missing 911 events occur, but anywhere remote is fair game when a person wants to disappear. Such was likely the case with a Japanese tourist in October 2014 who traveled across the world to see the Northern Lights in Yellowknife but ended her visit by walking into the frigid wilderness never to be seen alive again. In other inexplicable news, Psychic Sued for Predicting Woman’s Demise. Evidently mediums need to start vetting their clients to ensure mental and emotional stability prior to a reading. Or maybe clients could manage their expectations a little better by reading about Cesare Lombroso on Mediumship and Pathology. After all, if psychic abilities are simply the manifestation of brain anomalies and mental illness, it might make clients take what they hear at readings with a great big grain of salt. (CM)

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