Mysterious Illness Gives Man Constant ‘God Save The Queen’ Earworm – Mysterious Universe

HM Elizabeth II has probably heard it all during almost a century on Earth, but when she visits the city of Hull, she may get to converse with the only person who’s heard the national anthem more times than she has. Local fellow Ron Goldspink has a rare affliction which causes him to hear “God Save The Queen” sung 240 times a day. Perhaps, given that Andrew Lloyd Webber was made a Lord for inflicting doggerel upon us, Mr. Goldspink might get at least a handshake for suffering it in silence. And staying with unwelcome noises, More Unexplained Booms and Tremors Rock Northeast U.S. and after barely a week of respite, these Bizarre Booms are Back in San Diego and New Jersey. Official sources claim no knowledge of these unsettling events, so maybe it’s just swamp gas? (LP)

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