Mysterious “Flying Saucer” Found in Park Defies Explanation – Mysterious Universe

We really hope that Brett Tingley keeps us informed on this one. A silver, 25’X10′ “tent-like” construction of wood, cardboard, and “some sort of pliable metal” popped up in a wooded area of a Weymouth, Massachusetts park. Local officials are flummoxed as to how the thing got there and who was responsible. A photograph appears show a crushed soda can lying on the ground inside the construction; perhaps DNA or, failing that, a trace of a shoe print could be collected from the can to help discover the “saucer’s” creator? In a vein actually more serious than the title indicates, From Comics to the Cosmos is a favorable review of the book “Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a Comic Book and Science Fiction Visionary. This is a 2016 reissue of Bill Schelly’s 2003 biography of the fascinating character, and Trevor Pyne suggests that serious comic fans will find this “exhaustive book” eminently worthwhile. Serious ufology students likely will, as well. (WM)

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