Mysterious Creatures and Bizarre Dashcam Footage – Mysterious Universe

Brent Swancer looks at the world of cryptids through a camera lens, specifically an incident from 2009 in Georgia where a dashcam caught something that would have otherwise gone undocumented or, at the very least, dismissed as imagination. Next, Brett Tingley tells us how Ancient Russian Dog Sacrifices May Be Origin of Werewolf Myths. Researchers are uncovering evidence of ritual killings of dogs and wolves by an ancient civilization called the Krasnosamarskoe, apparently in an effort to bind the soul of the sacrificed animal to that of the humans, thereby insuring strong warriors. And since we’re on the topic of human-like monsters, Flying Humanoids – A Lecture Reviewed by Nick Redfern might give you cause to watch the skies a bit more. Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard recently spoke with the MUFON group in Dallas-Fort Worth. The upshot? While most cryptids are likely flesh and blood, undiscovered species, the phenomena of flying humanoids is decidedly paranormal. But Nick reminds us that we humans are just as strange as anything we could discover, so perhaps there’s no cause for alarm. (CM)

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