Multidimensional Beings, Subterranean Realms, & Age Old Mysteries – The Higherside Chats

Greg Carlwood gives us the first of two interviews with prolific author Brad Steiger, whom Carlwood calls “the Papa Bear of Paranormal.” The Higherside interview has much Steiger personal history and his ruminations about the paranormal, about which he says “there’s no dogma.” Steiger’s early interest in such topics stemmed from his growing up in a haunted house and being animated by the Roswell episode in 1947, and his worldview was molded by a near-death encounter soon afterwards. Interesting anecdotes abound, and Steiger tells a really creepy personal story at the end of the interview. In Real Nightmares with Brad Steiger Jim Harold walks Brad through stories on aliens and abductions, fiendish ghosts, conspiracies, and freaky creatures in general. As with the Carlwood interview, Brad urges an open mind to the mysteries of the world, and in particular those of multiple cultures, which are likely all variants on a common, and genuinely real, theme. Yet there were more than enough differences between the two podcasts to make listening to both worthwhile. (WM)

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