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Nick Redfern reviews Loren Coleman’s long-awaited new book, Mothman: Evil Incarnate, which is really an “An Unauthorized Companion to The Mothman Prophecies” as it states on the cover. Redfern finds the book to be “a very, very good study of the Mothman phenomenon and which provides the reader with a lot of new material and updates on earlier aspects of the mystery.” It includes a brief overview of the recent “Mothman” sightings in the Chicago area, looks at the life and death of John Keel, his classic book and the movie based on it, the documentaries that followed, the famous “death list,” and the town where it all started back in the 1960s–Point Pleasant, W.VA. “An excellent, well-written study,” Redfern concludes. Also out with a Mothman book is Lon Stickler of Phantom & Monsters. His book, Mothman Dynasty: focuses entirely on the Chicago Mothman sightings. Loren Coleman provides a detailed review of the book in Mothman Dynasty: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. In it, Coleman praises Strickler for collecting and being the clearinghouse for these Chicago Mothman sighting, but he also criticizes Stickler for just presenting the reports in a haphazard fashion, without apparent further investigation, skepticism, or analysis. Let me Mothman Wars begin. (PH)

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