Moon hoax theorist ‘under attack’ for ‘exposing truth’ about lunar landings

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The Scottish researcher, behind YouTube conspiracy theory channel Streetcap1 told he had received threats since posting new videos about his “findings.”

In one video, as revealed by, he suggested the Apollo missions footage on the Moon could have been filmed in a studio, after spotting what he claimed could be the reflection of a “stagehand” in one of the astronaut’s visors.

The story went viral and was picked up by media across the globe, and how video has been viewed more than 2.2million times.

In a second video, published just days later, he suggested that footage of a lunar buggy on the Moon may have been edited, to remove a few seconds of movement.

NASA’s Apollo 11 mission Thu, July 21, 2016 NASA releases stunning images from the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. Over 10,000 images have been released to Flickr capturing the magnitude and beauty of the mission.


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Astronaut Neil Armstrong taking his ‘small step for man’ from Apollo 11


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