Melted Stonework In Peru ~ Proof Of Ancient War?

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Narration By Don Moffit:

Tambomachay is an ancient site located within Peru, that, like so many others within this remarkable landscape, clearly demonstrates a level of sophistication within its stonework, unquestionably far out of the reaches of those, who are academically claimed as to having been the builders of these remarkable sites.
It is a site that not only possesses the same, mind boggling methods of polygonal masonry as that of Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, among many others, but also exhibits an excellent example of the levels of refinement, that also went into the building of the irrigation systems throughout the area, systems that, although unimaginably old, still function perfectly to this day.
Furthermore, and perhaps most intriguing regarding this area, even eclipsing these astonishing feats of ancient engineering, is an area in particular which exhibits some of the most perplexing, peculiar feature to be found anywhere in ancient Peru.
This area of stone is not merely vitrified, by was, at some point within the distant past, turned to lava.
With the limited investigations available, predictably none of which undertaken by funded academics, it has been revealed that this mysterious event, did not occur as one would have presumed, from an heating from above, but from beneath, or perhaps from within the centre of the stonework, successfully melting the stone wall in its entirety, to a pool of liquid magma.
And although largely overlooked by tourists, and indeed academics alike, the evidence of the stone having once turned to liquid, is, undeniable.
The question then, what turned this stone to liquid?
Was it some form of weapon?
Or perhaps, is this evidence to suggest how polygonal walls were once built?
Perhaps, these as yet, unexplained polygonal walls, were constructed with such perfection due to a past ability of its builders, able to melt and shape these stones prior to placement?
Or perhaps, could this melted stone, be evidence of a war? One that occurred between the inhabitants of these ancient ruins, and an unknown entity, ultimately resulting in their demise?
Perhaps being the reason why these highly advanced, highly capable ancient people from these civilisations, not only mysteriously disappeared, but left many a quarry and ancient stonework seemingly abandoned, left where we find them today.?
In another area of the world, far away from Peru, there also exists compelling evidence of such a war, having actually once taken place, with an possible entity from above?
Eerily, this site is claimed as the remains of a battle with God, specifically surrounding the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Sulphur balls, embedded among the landscape at this specific site, is undoubtedly compelling evidence to support these accounts of war, a holy war, undertaken at this specific location, that regardless of holy scripture, was fought with a foe of considerable ability.
Exclusively found at these sites are white pure sulphur balls, embedded in the mortar, that now due to their tremendous age, are slowly turning to powder.
The sulphur found at these sites, has also, intriguingly, been tested from 93% to as high as 98% pure sulphur, with trace metals such as magnesium found within, that would have produced astounding heat, easily capable of melting stainless steel, and indeed the stones within Peru.
Furthermore, the Brimstone found, is significantly different to sulphur found elsewhere, almost as if this brimstone was specifically designed.
For example, Sulphur from within natural geothermal regions is yellow, in crystal form, and has a purity of only about 40%.
Could this ancient war be evidence of Biblical Prophecy, in addition to a clue to the event clearly evident at Tambomachay, we find all these evidential factors, Highly Compelling.

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