Marty Kaplan: Professor, You’re Fired! Or, the Education of a Trump Voter

@marty kaplan Let me guess Marty you believe in global warming too Doctoral degree holder here

There it was, captured in a single sad, hilarious tweet: the whole maddening trainwreck of American democracy, 2016.

Two days before that taunt from someone I don’t know was launched into the twitterverse, I had posted a piece about a psychological disorder I called “Too Much Trump Media.” Swiping Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s model of dying, I’d described how people like me were coping with the possibility, hyped by the media, that Donald Trump could actually win the Republican nomination and the general election, following the seven stages of shock, denial, anger, bargaining, guilt, depression and acceptance of a more-than-hypothetical President Trump.

The next day, a right-wing website whose mission is to expose “bias and abuse” on the nation’s college campuses ran an investigative report putting my column on its readers’ radar screen. The title of their alert: “USC prof. says Trump supporters are ‘least educated segment of the population.'” The subhead noted that Prof. Marty Kaplan…

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