MARS WARS: ‘Cannonball’ found on Red Planet ‘proof Martian civilisation wiped out by war’

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Alien conspiracy theorists have zoomed in on a bluish-looking spherical object, which appears to look out of place among the rest of the reddish rocks, with one claiming it is “100 percent evidence there was a major war on Mars.

The image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover droid, which is currently exploring the surface of Mars and beamimg back close-up images, which the US space agency releases for public viewing.

Alien hunters then scour them for signs of life with previous claims of everything from fossils, buildings, and even Earth-like living creatures being found.

At the forefront of this pseudo-research is Scott C Waring, editor of website

He has previously claimed to have found a decapitated soldier complete with crown, that he hailed the “slain King of Mars,” amid claims he had been defeated in battle.

In a recent post he claimed NASA had tried to make it difficult for people to now access this image online, but he was still able to locate it.

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