Lost Civilisation Of Atlantis Found?

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According to Plato, and indeed Greek mythology, Atlantis was protected by the god Poseidon, who for some unexplained reason, made his son Atlas king of this mythical land. We perceive this explanation given by Plato, as a clue to the fate of not only Atlantis but the pre-diluvian world. Atlas being the defining individual and indeed word, which could unravel this mystery.
Is it mere coincidence that atlas is incredibly similar in lexical similarity to Atlantis, and also that it is the name given to the map of modern landmasses and indeed the oceans of our modern world?
Could this making of Atlas as king by Poseidon, claimed by Plato, be an admittance to an awareness of the Atlanteans fate by Plato himself? With Poseidon deciding the fate of Atlantis, the God of the Sea, Earthquakes and thus Cataclysm?
Has this mythical continent of Atlantis never been found, because we have already found it?
Proof of their existence and indeed inhabited landmasses, being all the existing advanced ancient ruins, we so often cover here on our channel which escape explanation, surviving above the waves?
Not only has the ancient pyramids been found to have once been submerged under several metres of sea water, but countless other ruins we have covered also share this intriguing characteristic.
Are we looking at the past existence of the Atlanteans, every time we explore an as yet, unexplained advanced ancient ruin?
The instructors of these ruins, the font of this knowledge, having been the Atlanteans themselves? Who just like the legends tell of, met their untimely demise at the hands of a great deluge?
We find the evidence to suggest such, highly compelling.



Atlantis; The Lost Continent








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