“Little Green Men” in the Cannock Chase Woods – Mysterious Universe

Most readers are familiar with places such as the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington State, where UFOs and other anomalous phenomena seem to congregate. Nick Redfern adds Cannock Chase, England, where big cats, werewolves, UFOs, and what some might call “leprechauns” abide, according to this article. North Carolinians are seeing strange things, too, according to Bruce Henderson in As Glowing Balls Hover over the Night Sky Near Charlotte, Scientists Probe for Aliens. The article is somewhat marred by its video of a debunked November 11, 2014 Chilean Navy encounter. But we were intrigued by the piece’s reference to an area west of Asheville, North Carolina, that sounds like another of these marvelous locations.(WM)

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