Life on Moon? ‘Live alien and backpack’ snapped on the lunar surface

There exists a major conspiracy theory that the Moon is colonised by aliens, with fully fledged buildings, with theorists accusing NASA and other space agencies of keeping it a closely guarded secret amid fear the knowledge among the general population which bring about and end to religion and the rule of law.

The sensational theory claims no one has returned to the Moon since the Apollo missions, because the first visitors there were warned of by the alien inhabitents.

Now Youtube UFO hunter Streetcap1 has added to the myth with new video claims he has found a live alien and a discarded back pack in separate images taken by China’s  Chang’e 3 unmanned space probe which landed on the Moon in December 2013. 

In a video entitled “‘Possible’ Alien and Spacecraft on Lunar Surface”, he showed what many people suggested was just a rock formation, but he hinted it could be an alien being next to a space craft.

Following criticism that it was just rocks, he made an updated video entitled “I think this

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