Kevin D. Randle Interview – The Paracast

Gene Steinberg and Chris O’Brien talk to Kevin Randle about his new book, Encounter in the Desert: The Case for Alien Contact at Socorro. The dialogue covers much ground regarding both the general lineaments of the April 24, 1964 CEIII–now recognized as a multiple-witness sighting–and details that are critical to evaluating possible explanations. Kevin promotes the importance of researchers listing (and checking) their sources. The trio also laments that hoaxed and/or debunked cases keep popping up again and again. In No Socorro Solution by Chief of Project Blue Book Kevin discusses Hector Quintanilla’s failed efforts to debunk the Socorro case. And in Derek Bartolomaus (Billy Meier) Kevin chats with a man who has heavily researched the prophecies, predictions, and photographs generated by Swiss contactee-claimant Meier. Here again the importance of checking assertions appears, as Bartolomaus gives examples of Meier claims of things people had said that they denied when Derek followed up with them. Some Meier claims and their subsequent mutations in response to “inconvenient facts” are mentioned, and we learn why the “Pleiadians” of Meier’s early contacts have become “Plejaren” since. Kevin drops a bomb at the podcast’s very beginning. (WM)

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