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Both Alejandro Rojas’ conversation with Alexander and that of the Paracast’s in Col. John B. Alexander Interview center upon Alexander’s new book Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen–But Did, published by Anomalist Books. Access Dr. Alexander’s website and you’ll get some notion of the varied and colorful career and interests of this brilliant but matter-of-fact man. Both interviews consider Alexander’s personal challenge to current conventional science as being wrong or at least incomplete in fully explaining the Universe. Rojas’ interview with Dr. Alexander begins at about 25:45 into his program, and features Alexander’s thoughts on the Chris Bledsoe alien close encounters; dolphin communication; and cures ascribed to “John of God,” “The Miracle Man of Brazil.” Paracasters Gene Steinberg and Chris O’Brien focus upon Near Death Experiences; John’s work with the National Institute for Discovery Science long-term study of Utah’s “Skinwalker Ranch”; some of John’s experiences with ghosts; and the “trickster” element that seems to course through the paranormal. These interviews help widen the door to those whose paranormal interests may be attentive towards a subset of the vast, and wonderful, world outside the boundaries of “consensus reality,” and more than coincidentally support acquiring Dr. Alexander’s new book. (WM)

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