Is this the REAL TRUTH about UFOs? Shock theory on where they actually come from

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Daily Express

All unidentified flying objects seen over the past 70 years were secret Government experimental craft, according to an expert in the unexplained who researched the subject.

Author Mark Pilkington said agencies like the CIA in the USA were behind a huge double bluff, and were happy the public believed they were alien craft as it took the heat off the top-secret projects that were really going on.

The British author claims the strange craft sighted around the world really do exist – but they are not aliens.

Flying saucers and unidentified aircraft are actually secret technology being developed mostly by the US, he claims.

Mr Pilkington claimed a shadowy organisation he dubbed “mirage men” were behind the global double bluff, reports.

He has produced a new documentary of the same name he boasted exposes the truth behind UFOs.

He claimed the secrecy all started with the Roswell UFO mystery of July 1947.

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