Is Basingstoke the new Roswell? ‘Alien UFO’ video adds to bizarre sightings

The witness reported it to the research group yesterday.

The man, who has not been named by MUFON, said he and a colleague saw the lights in the sky while at work.

In a witness report, he said: “I went outside with my workmate to get some materials out of the van and noticed one light slowly move around the back of a building.

“Then another one appeared from behind the building at a set distance that did not change. 

“Seconds after another three appeared as if they was already there but were not lit up.”

He said after about a minute, they began to “slowly swing around, as if a crane had lights on it and it turned around 220 degrees.”


Just one of the row of mystery lights circled in a still from the UFO video.Related articles UFOS AND THE PENTAGON: Mystery craft ‘tailed USAF plane over Atlantic’ ‘UFOs are REAL and use ‘new energy’ that could change our future’

Seconds after another three appeared as if

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