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A perusal of Google Maps apparently located a peculiar triangular feature in far Western Australia, according to this November 5th article by The Quebec Times contributor “magictr.” The article may be inspired by a Francesca Specter October 31 Express post headlined Google Maps: UFO Sighting Suspected in Australia as People Spot WEIRD Triangle. This provides a location and an image seemingly the same as those published as far back as January 2008 and said to have been taken from an observation on the 24th of that month. The ground features visible beneath the supposed “UFO” match up with those outside of it, and years ago some viewers plausibly identified the thing as human-made structures. It may be noted that the Express article, which does not date the original photographic discovery, was published on Halloween. Trick or treat? Grimsby [North Lincolnshire, England] Telegraph writers Mike Covell and Alex Thorp provide a balanced report on an historic catastrophe in Did UFOs over Grimsby Bring Down Fighter Jet?. The article details the tragic crash of a British interceptor and death of its American exchange pilot Captain William Schaffner on September 8, 1970, and the accretions that occurred to the story over the years since. The tale bears similarities to other losses of American pilots in purportedly UFO-related incidents, but efforts to link the 1970 case to UFOs may have no factual basis. (WM)

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