Impact-Related Microspherules In Late Pleistocene Alaskan And Yukon – Scientific Reports

Are humans entirely to blame for wiping out America’s megafauna, or did they just make matters worse for those colossal critters? A new study by Jonathan Hagstrum and pals lends more gravitas to Graham Hancock’s bombardment theory by re-examining Pleistocene bones, astronomy, and the Mount St. Helens eruption. And what were early humans to do with this largess of celestial iron? A New Analysis Proves Most, If Not All, Bronze Age Iron Came From Space, and it’s no longer a sample of one being King Tut’s ceremonial dagger. Making this conclusion more poetic is those meteoric iron weapons plunged into the hearts of men formed in the hearts of planets and asteroids. Speaking of Graham Hancock, his pal Bibhu Dev Misra turns his attention to The Sphinx Of Balochistan, wondering if it is man-made, rock-cut, or an architectural marvel? On the surface it may appear artificial, but Bibhu has a grand time making a compelling case for further investigation of this formation. (CS)

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