How I Almost Became A Believer: Exploring The Bigfoot Phenomenon In Eastern Washington – The Spokesman

Writer Abbey Lynes describes a night spent in the woods with Cliff Barackman, Sasquatch hunting and discussing how the “Finding Bigfoot” co-host came to be a professional Bigfoot researcher. An intriguing and “real” interview, Lynes reminds us how much we all want to believe the Hairy Guy is out there somewhere, just waiting for us to discover him. Round Rock, Texas is apparently done with waiting, however: Texas Town Holds Bigfoot Hunting Tour, with a $5 entrance fee to a local nature trail to search for evidence of the cryptid. points out something worth thinking about, however. Do events such as this diminish the credibility of bona fide researchers, or do they feed a passion for knowledge amongst believers? And finally, Loren Coleman brings us the sad news that CFZ Bigfoot Study Chair Paul Vella Died on August 15, the result of health issues from the past year or so. Paul ran the BFZ CHM study group, and approached his topic both scientifically and passionately. (CM)

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