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Billy Cox assures that the yeoman work Robert Powell (Scientific Coalition for Ufology, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry) has been doing on the 2004 Nimitz case is not forgotten in all the furor from the recent revelations about the Pentagon’s secret UFO program. Cox also wonders what “contortions” the December 16th New York Times and other mainstream news articles and the resultant media fallout may be causing within the defense bureaucracy. Alejandro Rojas interviews one of the writers of that article in Leslie Kean–UFOs and the New York Times–January 16, 2018. The Kean portion starts at about 25 minutes into Rojas’ podcast. Covered are the general recent media reception of the December 16th revelations, the unfortunate snap equation of UFO=ET in both the minds of the press and of many ufologists, and insights into the hoops an article such as that by Kean, Helene Cooper, and Ralph Blumenthal has to go through before publication. Kean also takes umbrage at those who think she and her colleagues were unwitting agents in some governmental conspiratorial disinformation program, and frankly answers certain other interesting questions Alejandro poses. (WM)

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