How conspiracy theorists claim End of World IS coming – and we’re facing 7 years of hell

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Saturday September 23 was a key date in the calendars of doom-mongers who were convinced that the world was going to end.

On this day the mysterious Planet X , also known as Nibiru, was supposed to approach Earth and signal the start of the apocalypse.

But despite Nibiru believers waiting for its fateful arrival on Saturday, no rouge planet appeared in the skies over Earth.

Although a handful of , no concrete scientific evidence was produced over the weekend.

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The main voice behind the latest Planet X theory is Christian numerologist David Meade who has heralded the end of the world for months now.

But after the world did not end on Saturday, he backtracked to say that the world will actually begin to end on October 21.

“My most recent astronomical cryptography of the imminent judgments approaching begins in the week of

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