Hoax: The Corrientes Humanoid – Inexplicata

Here’s confirmation of our report on September 20 that the “Alleged Alien” in Corrientes, Argentina’s Mitra Park is, in fact, the star of a clip from a horror film. “O.V.N.I.” is a 2016 Spanish independent film on the order of The Blair Witch Project. The local Center for the Investigation of Unknown Aerospace Phenomena has a short video in Spanish, complete with creepy music, explaining the deception, remarking upon its viral effect, and darkly suggesting the hoax could be part of a “psychosocial experiment.” In the same vein, a Salt Lake City video we reported on September 22 as likely a Navy parachute team performing before a University of Utah football crowd has been confirmed as just that, exposing another hoax that had transplanted the action to a different state. Were UFOs Spotted over Oklahoma City? discusses this fabrication and includes some very cool video of the parachute jump from a participant’s point of view. Hoax or not, the real-life British equivalent of the X-Files’ “I Want to Believe” poster once adorned Nick Pope’s office wall when he joined Great Britain’s UFO project. The Disappearance of the UK’s “Most Spectacular” UFO Photo is Alejandro Rojas’ intriguing account of a human-based mystery that’s part of the UFO phenomenon/a. (WM)

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