“High-Tech Ancient Queen” Found In Spain?

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The Lady of Elche, a limestone bust that was first discovered in 1897.
It was found at an archaeological site on private estate, two kilometres south of Elche within Spain.
currently exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum, in Madrid, the artistic influences involved in creating her are a heavily debated topic, this, undoubtedly due to her unusual appearance, and the fact that no one seems to be able to pinpoint her origins.
According to “The Encyclopaedia of Religion,” the Lady of Elche is believed to have a direct association with “Tanit,” the goddess of Carthage, who was once worshiped by the “Punic-Iberians.”
Though at best, this could be perceived as a guess based on vague similarity.
Clearly the most striking and intriguing detail surrounding the lady of Elche, is her mysterious, and possibly advanced technological appendages. Positioned around her head and flowing down the bust, the original function for these strange decorations is unknown.
The current academically accepted view is that the originally polychromed bust, is thought to have represented a woman wearing a complex headdress with large wheel-like coils known similar to “rodetes” on each side of the face.
This of course, is regardless of the fact that they look nothing like modern or indeed other ancient examples of “rodetes” or decorative wears from any publicly known ancient culture.
While some scholars suggest that the sculpture is Iberian, and associated with Tanit the goddess of Carthage, others have proposed the work reflects a long lost Atlantean Goddess.
The unusual features of the sculpture, such as the quietly kept detail that she had an elongated head, along with the curious, yet clearly complex spools on her head, has led many independent researchers to suspect the spools were not part of a unique headdress, but was a type of lost technology, reflecting the highly advanced nature of the lost and forgotten Atlantean civilization.
Art historian John F. Moffitt along with most of academia, agree that the shape of the lady’s eyes, nose and other features were, “too delicate to have been carved in pre-Christian Spain.”
Therefore, predictably, instead of suspecting that an unknown highly advanced civilization could have possibly have created it, most academics have simply concluded it to be an elaborate hoax, regardless of the compelling evidence upon the statue which displays its true antiquity.
And also of the fact that in 1997, the Mayor of Elche fought to have the bust of the Lady of Elche returned from the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid to the city of Elche, to be on display during celebrations of the city’s 2000th year.
It was to be a special exhibit, but the petition to have the bust returned was denied.
The government commission that denied the request asserted that the bust was too fragile to survive the 250-mile journey from Madrid to Elche. However, others believe that this denial was based upon political motivations. The director of Elche’s archaeology museum, Rafael Ramos argued that it was “preposterous” to say that the statute could not survive the journey, noting that more delicate pieces are transported around the world regularly.
Do these sound like the actions of a group of people who suspect the artefact to be a fake?
Or does it sound more like the actions of a group of conspiring individuals, with an aim of retaining a valuable, yet largely unknown relic….

Is the statue of the lady of Elche, a long lost Atlantean bust?
Or maybe a leader of a group of beings whom once visited earth?
Questions surrounding the lady of Elche largely remain unanswered, how did she end up in a farmer’s field in Spain?
The disputes and specialist’s theories surrounding the Lady of Elche, clearly illustrate the secret importance of the bust.
Just who was the lady of Elche, an ancient queen? Perhaps an ancient alien?
When a piece is clearly treasured, by the same group who contest it as a fake, we always find such objects, highly compelling.




Mystery History

Mystery History

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