Haunted Deserts: UFOs in the Emptiness – Inexplicata

In the first of four stories, Scott Corrales speculates upon what may be behind the many anomalous happenings he recounts from the desert areas of South America and Mexico, from the days of the Conquistadors to the present. Greg Eghigian alerts us to a free New Book: Belgium in UFO Photographs, 1950-1988, by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Wim van Utrecht. Greg suggests the book has value in considering identified flying objects, and maybe that’s what is behind the headline Strange Spherical Object Tumbles out of Jet Contrail over OKC. Red Dirt Report‘s Andrew W. Griffin recounts his odd lunchtime sighting and throws in a few other unusual local events for dessert. The film director was out drinking when Guillermo del Toro Saw a UFO and Thought it Looked “Crappy”. Paul Seaburn tells how del Toro and a friend apparently flagged down a UFO and were sorry they did. The whole situation became very scary, partly because the UFO “was horribly designed.” (WM)

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