‘GOD’S MESSENGER’ Rocky Mountains ‘recluse’ claims to be prophet – with new announcement

Marshall Vian Summers, 68, is behind The New Message From God (TNMFG) movement, which says it speaks on behalf of God to people of all religions.

He claims to be a “solitary man who rarely speaks to the media” but has “spent decades relaying revelations from an angelic presence” known as the Angelic Assembly and warning of big changes and difficult times ahead.

And Mr Summers says he has a ‘New Message’ delivered to him over 35 years.

His TNMFG website says: “He (Mr Summers) has walked a long and arduous journey to receive God’s New Message and bring it to you and to all who can receive it. 

“He is a humble man, sent into the world for this purpose, to be the Messenger for the New Message from God.

“Never before has the risk of war, religious conflict, catastrophic climate change and human suffering been more dire. 

“And yet at no other time has the opportunity for world unity and global cooperation been greater.” 

On the website, Mr Summers then cryptically hints at

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