“Gigantic Birds” And “Bedroom Visitors” – Malcolm’s Musings

Cryptozoology isn’t just bigfoot and Nessie, there are stranger aspects to the field. Case in point: the curious experiences of D.G. Smith, a potential thunderbird encounter intersecting with something akin to an abduction scenario. Other specimens give the illusion of an undiscovered animal, but as Wulf Gatter and Ryan Mandelbaum discovered how DNA Evidence Reveals True Identity Of Elusive Bird Species. Meanwhile familiar species are branching off as New York Mice Are Actively Evolving Into A New Species: City Mice. The curious bit highlighted by Alexandru Micu are the parallels between ancient humans transitioning from hunter-gatherers to agriculture. And there’s good news for the wily tree lobster as Genetic Tests Confirm These Giant Stick Insects Never Disappeared. They were hiding in plain sight, paving the way for their reintroduction to Lord Howe Island. (CS)

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