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Rich Reynolds has been delving profitably into old UFO magazines of late, and here are four good offerings from that effort. First up is an 1890s-style airship/crew encounter updated to the c. 1946 Ghost Rocket era–and perhaps beyond, more closely to the event’s first publication in 1971. Rich sees it as a fictional tale expressive of post-WWII fears. With A 1956 UFO/Humanoid Appearance at Mitchel Air Force Base Rich gives us two fairly dramatic cases of humanoids and landed UFOs reported by the same individual from 1956 but separated by a few months and thousands of miles. Whatever the reality of these stories, Rich notes they aren’t currently “part of the UFO topography.” The obvious next question is: if that is true, why? With Serious Air Force Attention to Adamski “Saucer” Prototype Rich discusses the work of one William Clendenon, who took the classic George Adamski photograph of a “chicken brooder” UFO as the real deal, and whose work was in the late ’60s taken seriously enough by some serious people. And ETs in Indiana (and I Missed Them?) has a potpourri of strange tales indicating that The Hoosier State is indeed more than merely a place one goes through to get somewhere else. Topping them all is a 1975 report of small silver-suited beings that “‘skipped and floated across the road, in a slow motion manner'”. This brings up the question by a Commenter, similar to that posed by the 1956 UFO/Humanoid article, of “Where oh where did all the encounter cases go?” (WM)

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