Frightening And Enlightening: The Phenomenology Of Modern Faeries – deadbutdreaming

Fairies may seem quaint, but their faith remains tenacious according to Neil Rushton. Today he presents several modern fairies, outlining concomitant and contemporary lore, and how to make their acquaintance. Even if they’re simply in your head. Brent Swancer’s gone off the deep end, drowning in Insane Government Conspiracies brimming with lizard people, mind-controlled clones, and fairies. Wait a minute, fairies? We’re just scratching the surface of this twisted underworld making Florida the final frontier of sanity. That’s a segue if I ever wrote one for Lon Strickler’s recent report concerning a ‘Gliding’ Humanoid Seen Near Ocala, Florida. Amidst this tizzy of fairies, you will find yourself lost and frightened. Chris Woodyard has your back with her copy of Magical Folk, positively brimming with that old-time fairy faith you know, love, and fear. Accompanying her review are curious accounts of munes haunting our grottos and nightmares. (CS)

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