FIRST CONTACT? The woman who claimed in 1894 she visited Mars and spoke to aliens

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As far back as 1894, people thought Mars was inhabited.

Hélène Smith, from Martigny in Switzerland, first began to claim she had contact with aliens while aged 33 in 1894.

The French national, whose real name was Catherine-Elise Müller, claimed for the next five years to actually “visit Mars” and “communicate with aliens” there while having visions after going into a trance -like state.

The idea that aliens existed on other worlds dates back as far as at least the fourth century BC.

By the 1750s most educated people across Europe accepted there were extraterrestrials out there, and by the nineteenth century, many people thought there was intelligent life on Mars, Venus, and the Moon.


One of Mrs Smith’s Martian scene scapes. Proof of aliens? These are signs that ‘prove’ we are not alone Wed, August 16, 2017 MIND-BLOWING signs that aliens exist.

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The Crop Circles are often believed to be created by aliens, as there is no proper explanation behind this phenomenon.

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