ET INVASION? God says evil aliens in UFOs will soon invade Earth, warns ‘prophet’

Marshall Vian Summers, 68, who lives in the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, USA, claims some alien races will be hostile and may want to rob us of our natural resources and “take control.”

Many UFO sightings are of real scout ships for aliens that are staking us out, abducting people, and even secretly meeting with global leaders, claims Mr Summers.

Others are more keen to work with humans and may even need our help to come here, he says. 

On Saturday, reported how he is behind The New Message From God (TNMFG) movement, which says it speaks on behalf of God to people of all religions.


UNDER ATTACK: Claims have been made God has warned about aliens.

Mr Summers claims he has been taking for the past 35 years a cryptic message from God about our future that he has vowed to pass on.

We can now reveal how part of that message revolves around the truth about aliens and UFOs, and news of when they will make official contact and the threat

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