Elongated Peruvian Skulls May Have Been Elite Humans – Mysterious Universe

Seems like some fun archaeological theories are faltering. Brett Tingley weighs in on the Paracas Skulls with the gist of a mainstream bioarchaeologists’ take on why the skulls were so deformed. And not only ain’t it aliens, but the construction is that the deformations occurred because of the cultural elite status of the individuals involved, and was not their cause–no separate subrace thing here. On another matter archaeological, Callum Hoare says that the ‘Oldest Pyramid in the World Discovered’ with Hidden MYSTERY Messages BAFFLES Scientists. Well, the thing at Fort Ransom, North Dakota (or at least the bottom 2/3rds of it) is generally felt to be a natural formation left by the Ice Age. But the pattern gouged on a “nearby” stone certainly is intriguing. Alas, one writer says this particular “Writing Rock” is in Divide County (not the Ransom County location of the Hill), and that other similar but not as exciting stones located at Fort Ransom are “glacial erratics,” again naturally sculpted. Yet the “writing rock” has some fascinating qualities, as per The Fort Ransom Writing Rock. Jasper Hamill is asking us Does this Ancient Map Show a Mermaid Holding a ‘Flying Saucer’ UFO?. Well, the map isn’t technically “ancient”–which might have been even a bigger story than Jasper’s question. But one of the two discus-like objects in question sure looks like a “Sport Model” UFO. If so, the mermaids seem just as puzzled by the saucers as we moderns are. But Ivan, who basically asks the same question in An Ancient Map of America–published in the 1500’s, Depicts a Mermaid Holding a…UFO?, plausibly suggests that one mermaid is actually holding a mirror up to her face. By extension the hand gesture to her hair might be a cue that the more exciting object in the other mermaid’s grasp is just another mirror, too. (WM)

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