Eerie Anomaly Photographed in UK – Coast to Coast AM

The eerie pic is on the right, just in case you’re not sure. The item doesn’t tell us where in the UK this indistinct image was taken, but it was snapped at night by a man who hoped the flash of his camera-phone would illuminate the source of strange sounds he heard in his brother’s house. Gotta ask, why not just turn on the light? Similar pragmatic skepticism is found in this refreshingly intelligent account of Ghost Hunting at HMP Shepton Mallet with Haunted Happenings. Recently bereaved Hayley found no comfort in the guided tour of the old prison and left with the feeling that such “predatory” events provide only “ambiguity and no firm answers.” A follow-up by a person who spent three years at the military prison, Boring Ghosts, reveals a quite ordinary explanation for the ghostly events. (LP)

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