Dr. Phil & UFOs – High Strangeness

Mark O’Connell describes the slant one program apparently uses to present UFO close encounter stories, reflecting something larger about how television shows treat the human condition in order to make advertising dollars. With An Atavistic Fear of the Unknown O’Connell launches from headline-grabbing considerations into a deeper rumination about what is at base the human urge to discover, and perhaps even meet, a truly “Other” intelligence in the cosmos. O’Connell notes that by the early 1980s Dr. J. Allen Hynek had come to believe that UFOs constituted “a new form of religion with some people–a dissatisfaction with the old-time religions in which people are looking for a scientific twist.” Jose Antonio Caravaca senses a theme more fundamental than “ufology as religion” in Fatima Apparitions and the False Myth of UFO Supremacy. Caravaca’s “Distortion Theory” disputes the notion that the Fatima apparitions were actually “UFO events” interpreted in a religious sense. Caravaca suggests that reports of the whole gamut of anomalous experiences are “a co-creation between the so-called external agent and the witnesses themselves,” as explained in the Comments to this post. (WM)

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