Dr. Eric Ouellet Interview – Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour

Anthony Peake’s fascination with quantum physics, ancient myths, “the mystery of death,” and much more was fueled largely by reading Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s The Sky People, John Keel’s Operation Trojan Horse, and Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia. So it’s no wonder Peake finds the work of parasociologist Eric Ouellet fascinating. Ouellet is the author of Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event, published by Anomalist Books. Dr. Ouellet proposes a theory that explains UFO experiences, and may be extended to other anomalous events, as an interplay of reciprocal relationships between the witness, the societal background in which the witness exists, and the phenomenon that is witnessed and exists apart from the human element. Here Dr. Ouellet explains how previous attempts of ufologists, whom he separates into six different categories or schools, have each in their own way failed to take this active web into account. The video dialogue applies Ouellet’s hypothesis to a Marian apparition in Egypt to illustrate simply the process, which in Illuminations is extended to some of the most seminal UFO events. In The Psycho-dynamics of Ufology: A Desire [Need?] to Believe Rich Reynolds returns to his theme that “ufologists” are obsessed with UFOs because they need “to believe in something outside themselves.” With Freud’s Moses and Monotheism as literal background, Rich expounds this “ufology as religion” belief. (WM)

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