Dowsing In The News – Paranormalia

You don’t need a forked stick to discover mainstream media’s crusade against forteana. UK water companies (gasp) use dowsing because, (clutches pearls) it works! While the method hasn’t been put through its paces via double-blind tests, Robert McLuhan has more than a few examples to tickle your curiosity. Deeper within Fort’s warrens, Sally Painter’s proposes An Academic Explanation For The Mandela Effect which is equal parts quantum superposition and false memories. With judicious application of Fort’s intermediatist philosophy to conflate two maverick concepts leads to thinking outside of the box, and opening one’s mind to new ideas. Other times, reality forces it upon us in situations where Sneaky Coincidences Derail Rational Thought. Kevin Martin recalls his brushes with coincidence, forcing him to question the world and his sanity. But if you allow yourself to think like another person, or culture, suddenly the nuances or complexities of their beliefs suddenly become crystal clear. This idea is the thesis of Jack Hunter’s Rethinking Charles Fort. It’s a brilliant, but short, read. Note that Academia requires free registration to download the paper. (CS)

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