Does Science Need Mavericks? – Aeon Magazine

The answer? A resounding “yes!” But how can anyone trust a maverick’s crackpot theories if they dwell in an echo chamber? The crux of Sally Davies’s argument lay with a diversity of opinions, and research, ensuring evidence and methodologies can speak for themselves, instead of their advocates. Infamous for railing against scientific dogma for decades, The Anomalist appreciate how scientists, rather than politicians, police other scientists. Hopefully that won’t change as Rand Paul Takes A Poke At U.S. Peer-Review Panels. Rand’s bill might look good on paper, but it opens the door to politicizing science by calling for the creation of yet another government agency (so much for smaller government, Rand!) and the installation of ‘commmisars’ on panels to ensure science doesn’t challenge the beliefs of politicians, nor their donors. Regardless of one’s political compass the passage of the S. 1973 – BASIC Research Act will have a chilling effect on science, tantamount to censorship. After all, who believes the Republican’s loyal opposition will repeal this legislation upon their ascendancy in Washington? And if you do, consider investing in some prime Florida swampland. Tip o’ the hat to Jeffrey Mervis for the scoop! (CS)

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